My Name Is Osher Rachamim
Creative / Film

Welcome to my Creative Film, where storytelling comes to life through the lens of a seasoned director, photographer, and editor.

With a profound understanding of video photography and proficiency in various editing software, I bring a wealth of experience crafting compelling narratives for sales/promotional videos, web content, and art clips. My journey in the industry dates back to 2017, and over the past five years, I’ve continuously explored the intersection of creativity and purpose.

Driven by the fundamental question, “What is the Good Life?” I’ve embarked on a transformative odyssey, embracing both triumphs and setbacks. In this quest, I’ve undertaken significant risks, experienced moments of failure and success, and navigated the complexities of the creative process. Through laughter, tears, and relentless determination, I’ve realized that the essence of “the good life” doesn’t reside in a destination but is discovered in the continuous journey of growth, learning, and finding joy in the smallest moments.

I’ve transformed my love for photography into a full-fledged profession, dedicating myself to capturing moments through my lens.. It’s a happy accident that emerged from my passionate pursuit of a fulfilling life, capturing the beauty inherent in the people I encounter, the stories I welcome into my lens, and the moments I can witness and experience.

Join me on this cinematic journey where every frame tells a story, and let’s create visual narratives that resonate, inspire, and celebrate the essence of life itself.